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H/D Fandom Favorites Survey

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hd_fandomchoice is a community created to conduct a survey of new Harry/Draco fandom favourites. Our goal is to compile a list of Harry/Draco works which the fandom thinks are their favourites and which have not been previously listed as fandom favourites. Unlike past polls, this survey will focus solely on Harry/Draco fanworks, including but not limited to stories, art, meta and miscellaneous H/D works, such as vids, comics, RPGs, etc.

The survey will be done in three rounds:
Round 1: Suggestions: we will ask people to suggest H/D works for consideration.
Round 2: Nominations: we will post a list of the suggestions and people will then be able to nominate the works which they consider fandom favourites.
Round 3: Final Voting: a poll where people will vote for their favourite H/D works.
For information on how these rounds will proceed, please read the rules below, as well as the detailed information in the links to the round posts themselves as they open.

Round 1: SuggestionsCLOSED - 1st OCT 2007 - 12AM GMT, 21st OCT 2007 (7PM CST, 20th Oct 2007)
Round 2: Nominations - Not opened yet.
Round 3: Final Voting - Not opened yet.

FAQ - Go here if you have any questions.
Buttons & Pimping – Help spread the word!
Misc poll #1 – Help us decide! How many people should be needed to nominate a fic? What about H/D art with adult content? Tell us your opinions!

1. All suggested works should have Harry/Draco as the main pairing. The definition of Harry/Draco is as follows (taken from The Hex Files): Harry/Draco pairing means that there is a mutual, positive attachment between Harry and Draco. Works in which one or both of them merely uses the other to meet political, sexual or personal needs with no positive emotional attachment to the other will not be accepted as suggestions. However, since there are lot of PWPs, dark!fics and extremely angsty fics written in this pairing, those will be accepted as well, even though it is sometimes difficult to know whether there is any emotional attachment or not. If a lot of people will object to some of those, we will discuss them.
2. All works should have been posted before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (21 July 2007).
3. Additional rules for stories:
3a. All stories should have been posted before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (21 July 2007).
3b. Works-in-progress should either have been first posted before 2007, or be more than 50% complete if started in 2007. Please ask the author if you're unsure how much of the story is left.
3c. Only stories which have not been listed as fandom favourites in the previous surveys, will be accepted as suggestions. For a complete list of stories which are current fandom favourites, please go here.

Please direct any Questions to the FAQ post or email us.
Thanks to everyone for participating!

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