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General questions
Who runs this place?
gossymer and sulky_rhino.

Where can I contact you?
If you have any questions you can either leave a comment on this post or you email us at

When will the survey be done?
We're hoping the survey will be done some time in the end of November or beginning of December.

Can I help?
You can help us spread the word by pimping this community and by making buttons. You can get some buttons already in this post. You can also help us decide on some issues in this post. And later we might also need some help in finding links to fanworks.

Are you planning on doing something similar again next year?

Questions about the rules
Why the eligibility rules?
When gossymer compiled the list of previous fandom favourites and sulky_rhino posted a poll about them, we noticed that a lot of the people commenting to the list and the poll had the same concerns. They thought that some of the stories on the list were not really Harry/Draco, that newer stories were missing, and that some of the stories should not be on the list because people have never heard of them. Because of this we decided to make a few rules which will, hopefully, prevent this from happening this time.

Why this particular definition of Harry/Draco?
We decided to post a definition of H/D to make sure that all works suggested would, indeed, be H/D. We thought that The Hex Files definition was open and accepted enough to serve this survey well. Please notice that we are not trying to exclude PWPs, dark!fics and angsty fics.

Why do you only accept works posted before the release of Deathly Hallows?
There are some stories which are very popular when they are first posted, but which are then forgotten after a few months. We wanted to avoid getting very new stories on this survey for this exact reason. We think that fandom favourites should not be works which are "favourites this minute", but those works which are still favourites months after being first posted.

Why do all WsIP have to be first posted before 2007 or more than 50% complete if started in 2007?
The reasons for this are similar to the reasons given in the answer above. Sometimes WsIP are very popular as they are begun, but with time they become less popular. We wanted to make sure that we would get WsIP on the list which would be just as popular when they are completed.

Why shouldn't we suggest stories which have been nominated in previous surveys?
We've noticed that certain stories have been suggested in every single survey that's been done in the past, so we decided to have this rule in order to make sure that this would not happen in this survey as well. After all, the whole purpose of this survey is to get new stories on the fandom favourites list.

Questions about the rounds
Where do I make suggestions?
We'd prefer it if you posted your suggestions in the Suggestion post. However, if you don't have a Livejournal account, you're welcome to email us (

Why are the responses to the Suggestion Post screened?
We want people to suggest their favourites, and not look at other people's comments to see what they've suggested and then suggest stories which they've forgotten to suggest. We want people to suggest the stories that they themselves think are fandom favourites.

Why am I only allowed to suggest a certain number of fanworks per category?
We only have so much time to go through all of your suggestions, so we had to limit the number of suggestions you can make.

What is an axe vote and why do we need it?
An axe vote is when a person votes to have a suggested fanwork cut from the list. Axe voting will take place in Round 2, along with Nominations. We decided to give people the option of axing a fanwork because of complaints that people have previously had about certain stories being declared fandom favourites.

Making sure that the fanworks I want to suggest comply with the rules is taking such a long time... Why can't I just make suggestions without checking?
You could do that, of course. However, this might mean that some of the suggestions you would make would be cut from the list. Please read above about why we made these rules.

Why do I have to provide the link to the fanwork?
The reason for this is simple: sometimes it's incredibly difficult to find a link to a fanwork, especially those which are not well-known. Also, for example, some authors go by several names, and there are sometimes several fics with the same title, so it would be difficult for us to know whether we found the fic that you meant. So, please, provide a link to the fanwork you're suggesting. If you really can't find it, you can still suggest the fanwork, just make sure you describe it. For example, provide a summary of the fic, or quote a couple of sentences from it, or provide a description of the art, etc. Just so that we'll know what exactly we're looking for.

Bonus questions
You suck!
We love you too. :*

More questions and answers will be added as they come up.

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